Scottwood Capital Management: A Top Performing Hedge Fund

Company Overview
Company Type: Private Investment Firm

Year Founded: 2001
Year Closed With Return of Capital: 2011

Scottwood Capital Management Advisors LLC was a privately owned hedge fund sponsor. The firm provided its services for ten years to institutional clients, including public and private pension funds, endowments, and high net worth families. It invested in the public equity and fixed income markets using a long/short value strategy. Scottwood Capital Management employed fundamental analysis that was focused on credit-influenced as well as out-of-favor situations. Scottwood Capital Management’s onshore and offshore hedge funds began operations in December 2001 when the firm opened its office in New York City. In November 2004, the firm moved to Greenwich, Connecticut. The firm was registered with the SEC.

Office Location
33 Benedict Place 2nd Floor | Greenwich, CT | 06830 | United States
Phone: 203-302-2455

Financial Information
Peak assets under management: $985 million
Net annualized returns from inception: 11.80%
Best year of performance: 44.05% net in 2009
Worst year of performance: 7.65% net in 2008

Key Professionals
Edward Perlman: Founder and Managing Member
Brian Goldenberg: Chief Financial Officer

2010 Barron’s Penta “Top 100 Hedge Funds” in the world, based on 1- and 3-year performance
2009 Hedge Fund Markets First Place Award for all U.S. event-driven hedge funds
2009 Absolute Return finalist nomination for best event-driven fund, based on risk-adjusted returns


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